Acknowledging wins post brain injury

A reminder to all...Life is very fragile. We don’t always chose the path that’s going to be laid in front of us, but we can still decide to make the most of what life is going to throw at us. Little wins comes in many shapes and sizes, but today’s one feels like a huge milestone for me.

Seven (7) months ago I started putting my thoughts on paper regarding life after encephalitis and brain injury. I think it was all part of my own healing process, of me wanting to get rid of the endless frustrations and for me to try to make sense of this new normal of mine.

Over the last few months I’ve had such wonderful feedback from many who have too been affected by “e” or “ABI” or simply from people who have been going through a speed bump. Feeling that others relate to my journey and knowing that others have found comfort in reading my blog is more than I could have ever hoped for. A few example of feedback below:

"Thank you for sharing this Veronique. You've explained perfectly what my partner goes through so often." "I love your blog posts! When I have bad days or struggle with memory, speech & people who don't "get it" your blogs inspire me. Thank you."

My blog "Fatigue: Life on an empty tank" has reached over 1500 read this week 💕 If you had told me that 1500+ people would have felt compelled to read one of my blog 7 months ago, I would have probably laughed or gone like all good old kiwis go "Yeah Nah". Today I’ve discovered that when you speak from the heart, people listen. I'd like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being part of this journey.

Never mind the “what could have been” if encephalitis hadn’t come into our lives...because 32 months ago I also never thought that others would find comfort in reading my words. In some way, that’s much more powerful than anything else I could have achieved should my path have carried on without encephalitis as a speed bump.

The new me is 100% different from the old me on so many levels and I’m honest enough to admit that I don’t always 100% like this weird wonderful brain of mine.  However, today’s milestone made me realize that the new me is fully capable of surpassing goals, albeit different from those I would have ever envisaged for myself a few years back.

Being the best version of who you can be should always be good enough!

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