Welcome to the Weird & Wonderful of a Broken Brain

In August 2017 I became ill to a viral brain infection called Meningo-Encephalitis which left me with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  If you are or know of a brain injury survivor, you know first hand the challenges that come along with the ABI survivor title. 

Having recently been inflicted by a second insult to an already bruised brain, I thought it was about time to go ahead with an idea of mine that has been brewing for a while. This site is still at its infancy but in time I hope to be able to share resources and knowledge that I've gain along the way.

I'd love to hear from your own experiences so please don't hesitate to use the forum for this and I'm looking forward to growing this community of readers to ultimately increase awareness around this issue.

Veronique Theberge


Born in Quebec city, Canada but now living abroad in beautiful New Zealand, I am a proud maman of 3 boys and now a person still learning to live with an Acquired Brain Injury following a viral brain infection called encephalitis.