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Weird Wonderful Brain

Collab opportunities

Veronique is an encephalitis and acquired brain injury survivor who provides an honest insight into the challenges linked to living with a brain injury. She is a strong advocate for people living with invisible disabilities and mental health challenges.

Brain Injury
Brain Injury

Speaking Engagement

For a moment or two, come aboard my Weird Wonderful Brain journey where we will explore how one instant can forever change your life.


From facing complex challenges, to  finding a new version of yourself that will fulfill you, I will lead you through a journey of self discovery, kindness and empowerment that will allow you to overcome a range of situations. 

My story is one of navigating the ups and downs of surviving two acquired brain injuries, but also one of finding hope whilst writing about my recovery journey and dipping my toes into advocacy work.


Let's explore how your audience can benefit from listening in on my lived experience!

Freelance Writing

Get your brand in front of an
audience that has seen their lives
turned upside down by a
disability. Let them know that you
relate to their daily challenges and
that they are seen & understood.

If you are looking for engaging content that will resonate with your audience, get in touch!

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Stats & Reach

Typical Audience: Brain Injury Community

2000+ Monthly Blog Views

1200+ Unique Views

540 Blog Subscribers

1080+ Instagram Followers

330 Facebook followers

250 Linked in Followers

155 Twitter Followers

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Attitude Pictures
Synapse Australia

Speaking Engagements

Brain Injury Association NZ
Auckland University - Campus Neuro Society
Aphasia NZ
Canadian Human Connection Conference 

Writing Collabs

Keep Your Head Up
Heal The Brain
The Encephalitis Society
TBI Therapist
Aphasia Reader
BePURE Wellness
NervGen Pharma
Making Headway Podcast
Tiaho Trust - Getting Out There

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Very professional, on point and easy to work with!

Thank you once again so much for speaking at our event. You set us off to a really strong start!

It made me feel like someone else "gets it" Thank you.

Brain Injury


We'd love to hear from your journey!


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