Resources for your Weird & Wonderful Brain

Life can be complicated enough when you live with a brain injury. Therefore, I have tried to narrow down a few good resources that I have come across since the beginning of my journey as an encephalitis and acquired brain injury survivor. The list could be pretty long, but below are my "Go To's" that have rarely disappointed me

Must check websites
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Support groups

There is a wide variety of support groups available out there for encephalitis and brain injury survivors. I personally think that it pays to locate the closest brain injury organisation from your place of residence as they often organise meet and greets from which you can greatly benefit.

If getting around is still a bit difficult for you, Facebook has many support groups to chose from. You will have to send a request to join the group, but once your membership has been accepted, you will soon feel like you are part of a community that understands and relates to your own challenges. Don't be afraid to ask questions on there, many will respond and you will soon be able to learn from other's unique experiences. Some support groups are better than others...see which align best with the type of support that you are seeking. 

If you like reading articles about encephalitis and brain injury, I'd suggest for you to keep and eye on Twitter. Many of the mainstream organisations will share great up-to-date content on this social media. Quick tip, start by following a few of them and then you will be prompted to follow other accounts that share similar interest. If you are after something even easier, follow me on Twitter @VeroniqueThebe1 , I browse daily and retweet the good stuff that I find.


Life After Encephalitis by Ava Easton

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan

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