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Weird Wonderful Brain


Honest, insightful writing and recovery tips about brain injury!
Weird Wonderful Brain
Join me on my Weird Wonderful Brain journey

About the blogger

Hi, I'm Veronique and I'm an encephalitis and brain injury survivor!

As I began my brain injury recovery, I struggled to find support, understanding and resources so I eventually decided to raise awareness of head injuries such as concussions, traumatic brain injury and acquired brain injury in the hope of helping others navigate the array of changes that come with the brain injury survivor title. 

Through my writing, I provide an honest insight of the challenges linked to living with a brain injury. I am a strong advocate for people living with invisible disabilities and mental health challenges and I am doing so by contributing to brain injury associations and organisations from around the world.

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I find your blog so amazing! You are able to express TBI issues so well.

You are helpful in a manner that'snothing shy of "fruitful" Why? You'representing your feelings that areinvariably an ingredient of nurturefor others - Selflessness."

It made me feel like someone else "gets it" Thank you!

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