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Weird Wonderful Brain is a blog written by Veronique Theberge. Veronique is an encephalitis and acquired brain injury survivor who provides an honest insight into the challenges liked to living with a brain injury. She is a strong advocate for people living with invisible disabilities and mental health challenges.

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It's the Small Moments

How has your perception of all the small moments that make up your daily routine changed since experiencing your health issues?


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Honest, Descriptive Writing About Health Challenges 

Featured are two of the latest Weird Wonderful Brain blogs. There are a lot more blogs available for you to browse through. In the hope of making things easy, you will find sub-categories on the blog page so can filter by blog topic. If you can't find a topic that is of particular interest to you, please contact me and I'd love to discuss how I could help bring your ideas to life.


Thank you this is awesome, makes me feel not alone

Thank you so much for the blog. It's so very king of you to share your thoughts and feelings. Everything you say strikes a cord with me.

I felt I was reading about my own experience, thank you for sharing.



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